Register in school

                         The Registration Steps


Simply follow the guidelines :- 

Step 1

 Registering on the e-registration page via

Step   2

 The admission test for students via

Step 3

Once the student passes  the test, the parent should transfer First installment of the tuition fees, which will be automatically calculated as part of the student’s yearly tuition fees.

For any inquiry about the first payment, you can contact : Whatsapp 0500942498 )

- Al Rajhi: SA5080000344608010280811
- Samba:  SA2740000000002100203371
-Kindly be notified that the 2000sr are not refundable. 
- To have a look at the tuition fees for next year... Download

In case of any inquiries or obstacles, please contact  0590777277-920015440 - Watssapp 0580008758




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