Our Vision

We, at Horizon International School, guarantee an environment that fosters the students to acquire an excellent education, focusing on quality not quantity, taking into consideration the significance of their Arabic culture.



Our Mission

To guarantee an environment that fosters the students to acquire an excellent education, the school staff will use a variety of approaches to achieve the following beliefs.

  • producing a quality service that participates in developing both the individual and the community
  • introducing a quality education to our students that acts as a strong link between the internal educational experience and the external practical real life.
  • constructing a community that brings a variety of nationalities in harmony
  • elegantly enhancing the religious and ethical values among the culturally differentiated students.
  • facilitating extra circular activities that help in developing the students’ personal skills.


Our Beliefs / Values

Our school is a place where everyone pays a close attention to highly valued excellence. We are concentrated on the values that push the quality of our work toward the top of the pyramid of education. We are:

  • a source of a highly estimated work constructed to develop the personal and educational skills of the students.
  • a complementary role of the family’s work.
  • a role model for the students and the community.
  • a place of constructing the students’ dreams and their attainment.
  • a workshop where we appropriate the international curriculum to our own culture

School-wide Learner's outcomes

We expect our students to graduate from our school holding the appropriate characteristics that enable them to adapt to the real life in a perfect way. Our students are expected to be :

  • creative
  • problem solvers
  • global citizens
  • excellent communicators

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